Jocular and abrasive one moment, broken and weeping the next, Murphy’s performance is wonderfully dynamic and memorable. Les’ fear and guardedness, meanwhile, is brought beautifully to life by McManamon. Together, they create a tremendous chemistry.
— Jordan G. Teicher, on The Clearing
Displaying an impressive range, Murphy presents a complex portrait of Chris, a grown man, who nontheless is, at times, vulnerable and teetering on the brink of insanity, while at other moments, depicting the emotional and psychological behavior of a ten year old. Even when Chris exhibits dangerous behavior, it’s hard not to feel empathy for his struggle.
— Lynnette Nicholas,
Murphy’s Chris is a generously drawn both entertaining and sad, one of the most compelling aspects being his negotiation of the freedom he seeks and the impulses that drive his behavior.
— Lindsay Davis,
Brian Patrick Murphy [is] likeable yet volatile as Officer Gennaro and [together with] his wife...make a believable, easily ignitable, pair.
— Julie Congress,
As the Fire Captain, John Finn is the star player here. His performance is tender and heartbreaking, and he knows how to underplay each scene with a graceful touch. Murphy is a much bigger character but still effecting as the Police Officer with a few secrets of his own. Both men’s pain and dedication shine through the show, and they carry it on their very capable shoulders.
— Fringe NYC Roundup
Brian Patrick Murphy is truly outstanding as Tony Aronica
— A Seat on the Aisle
Each cast member is a standout but special notice must go to... and the stirring Brian Patrick Murphy as the recently returned Peter Pinnunziato.
— We Love Soaps, Walker Ragdale